There’s a petition to get Deadpool to host SNL and we’re totally on board

In case you haven’t heard, Deadpool is kind of killing it right now. Since its release last Friday, the Ryan Reynolds-led superhero comedy—the first superhero film ever to carry an R rating—had the biggest Valentine’s Day opening weekend in history, and the biggest opening weekend for any R-rated film, period. And that’s not to mention the fact that it has already raked in over $300 million at the box office after being out for less than a week.

And now, the Internet has done something beautiful, as it is wont to do from time to time: It has generated an online petition to get Deadpool himself—not Ryan Reynolds, but the character Deadpool, in full costume—to host Saturday Night Live.

The petition, started by Andrew Stege and aimed at Reynolds and SNL head Lorne Michaels, is seeking to gather 35,000 signatures. It’s well on its way, with over 30,000 already—in fact, hundreds are signing every hour, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the petition met its goal today.

“I have not watched a full episode of SNL in years because I just haven’t been able to stomach an entire episode,” Stege admits in the petition (we’re guessing he hasn’t seen Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren parody, or Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel Green impression). “But having Deadpool host, star, and be all over the episode would get the DVR set so I can watch it again and again!”

Stege goes on to make some other great points about having Deadpool lead SNL, which has never been hosted by an actual fictional character—like how funny it would be to have Deadpool break the fourth wall, and interact with the musical guest. “How awesome would it be to have some Deadpool interpretive dancing while the musical guest was playing?” Stege writes, causing readers (probably) to nod their heads eagerly. “There’s unlimited possibilities!”

As excited as we are that this petition is a thing, we aren’t surprised. Even aside from its cash generation, Deadpool is receiving such high praise that its Rotten Tomatoes rating is at a more-than-respectable 84% (with an audience score of 95%), and Marvel is already considering assigning R ratings to future MCU films. Even our collective grandma Betty White is all about it.

So if you’re like me and you haven’t actually seen Deadpool yet (um, what am I doing with my life!?), you should probably get on that. And while you’re at it, sign that petition, because we all deserve a Deadpoolhosted SNL.

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