We just saw the first footage of ‘Deadpool’ and we’re psyched

We were ALREADY excited about Deadpool, the upcoming super (anti) hero Marvel movie in which Ryan Reynolds brings his trademark wit to the title character who has super-healing powers and doesn’t always use them for good (hence the “anti” in “anti-hero”). Now we are DOUBLY excited because Comic Con just released the first footage from the film (oh Comic Con, you really are just like Christmas in July) and it looks great.

Well, it’s not going to look GREAT great, as the footage hasn’t officially been released yet, so we’re relying on fan vids taken of the event. But still. We’ll take a slightly blurry footage over no footage at all.

Head’s up, this trailer has language like CRAZY. So if you’re at work/around anyone who is NOT going to be cool with language, get your earbuds in and THEN enjoy!


Did you see Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool tweet for Mother’s Day? Yeah, discuss.

Ryan Reynolds made a sick boy’s superhero dreams come true

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