Deadpool is now on an apology tour, and his first stop is making amends with David Beckham for a joke in the first movie

Clearly taking a page out of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s book, Wade Wilson is also trying to make amends with those he has wronged in the past — starting with soccer legend and husband of Victoria, David Beckham. Oh, you didn’t realize that these two were feuding? Well, they’re not…not really, at least. But regardless, Wade’s going to try and win over Beckham in the most Deadpool way ever. Because that’s Wade Wilson. What a nice, stand up guy.

If you recall in the first Deadpool movie, which we will simply refer to as “Deadpool,” there’s a moment where the merc with a mouth burns Beckham a bit, calling out the fact that when the soccer star talks it sounds like he “mouth-sexed a can of helium.” That’s quite colorful language, but also this is Deadpool we’re talking about. Honestly, in the scale of things he’s said before, saying that about David Beckham is like a level 2 out of 100.

But it appears as if that burn hit Beckham hard, and we find him sitting on his couch, watching the moment in the 2016 movie again and again. When, what’s that? Is there someone at the doorbell? Why, it’s Deadpool himself, with…milk and cookies? Balloons? A mariachi band? It sure is, because Wade apparently knows the way into David’s heart (it’s actually soccer tickets, but we should have guessed that).

The twist in this, though, is that Beckham isn’t actually upset about the joke in Deadpool. He’s upset about Green Lantern. And Blade: Trinity. And also Boltneck. At least he’s not upset about Definitely, Maybe and/or The Proposal — because those are GD classics, Beckham. CLASSICS.

Wade hurled a lot of insults during the OG Deadpool, so is this just the first stop on his apology tour? Can we look forward to more of these in the next week, gearing up for the release of Deadpool 2 on May 18th? Does Ryan Reynolds really have that much time on his hands right now, because doesn’t he have two kids at home or something…? We hope so.

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