This big-screen superhero is apparently a big-time fan of Judy Blume

We’re obsessed with behind-the-scenes photos, videos and stories. Maybe even more than with the movies or TV shows themselves. Any time actors share pictures of their downtime in their trailers, or hilarious videos of candid moments on set, it’s like we’re in on the fun and can enjoy it with them.

It’s our lucky day, because Ryan Reynolds just Tweeted a pic of himself suited up as his superhero character Deadpool. He’s lounging on some industrial-looking machinery on set, and he’s reading Judy Blume’s classic Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Because superheroes can read Judy Blume books, too.

“#tryingtoconnect,” he captioned the photo. But why does Ryan need to connect with Deadpool? And how can Judy Blume, of all people, help? It might have something to do with Are You There God?’s themes of navigating life as a confused pre-teen. Deadpool isn’t exactly a gangly sixth grade girl, but he does understand what it’s like to not fit in. Here’s Deadpool’s quick 411: When Wade Wilson was diagnosed with cancer, he was given the power to heal and became a superhero. He’s an assassin with a killer instinct — and a killer sense of humor. Though Deadpool is immune to disease and can regenerate tissue in a snap, his skin is badly scarred, as his cancerous cells are still alive. Reading Margaret Simon’s story will definitely help him embrace what makes him different and help him be comfortable with his true self. We think Ryan digs his red leather suit — the actor has posted a few humorous photos like this now. It’s funny to see a fully-clad superhero doing things uncharacteristic of superheroes, like posing on a bearskin rug or delivering a newborn baby. Then again, the offbeat humor of it is very in line with Deadpool’s sense of humor.

Who could have predicted that a strong and mighty Marvel character would be turning to Judy Blume for advice? Certainly not us, but it makes total sense!

(Images via FOX and Twitter)

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