It’s opening day for the off-Broadway version of “Dead Poets Society” with Jason Sudeikis, and we’re so proud of him

We’ve been so focused on Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde welcoming baby Daisy, that we forgot to focus on Sudeikis’s other projects! Today marks day one of the off-Broadway version of Dead Poets Society, and Sudeikis has the starring role.

Sudeikis plays John Keating (originally played by the late, great Robin Williams) and will, without a doubt, bring honor to the part. This is actually his New York stage debut, so, uh… surely he’s a bit nervous about it.

As mentioned, previews of the show start today, so he’ll be able to see how his performance holds up pretty shortly — even though we already have a feeling that the reviews will be positive.


Another reason why this show will be good? Tom Schulman, who wrote the original screenplay, actually adapted it over for the stage, which means that it’ll likely stay true to the movie we know and love.

In case you’re not familiar with the plot, Dead Poet’s Society is focused around an all-boys school. John Keating is the inspirational teacher who lets his students think a bit more independently, and see things (notably poetry) in a different perspective.


Made in 1989, the film went on to win a bunch of awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Interested in seeing Sudeikis perform? The show has its grand opening (which is already sold out!) on November 17th, at Classic Stage in New York.

It looks like shows will be happening almost daily until December 18th, so there’s plenty of opportunities to watch Jason Sudeikis shine.