Get ready to de-stress: The SAT is getting easier

If you haven’t heard, the SAT has had a bit of a rough year. With mix-ups regarding the time, plus the overall issue of bias, it’s becoming a measure that less and less colleges are listening to. But in March 2016, maybe that will change. Business Insider tells us that there will be a new SAT — and it will be a whole lot easier.

Let’s start with the basics: fewer choices, more time. When it comes to multiple choice, students will now be given four answers to choose from, rather than the usual five. And each section will be getting more time, so you won’t be frantically skimming by the time you get to the end. You can breath and take the test without being overwhelmed.

Then there’s the issue of content. Apparently, the questions themselves are going to be easier as well. By that I mean, it’s going to be more realistic. The vocab won’t be as complicated, and will focus more on context rather than memorizing 85-syllable words that you’ll never use again. The math section has also been tweaked to feature people with real life jobs, so the questions will be career-themed word problems that make them easier to digest. The essay portion will also get tightened up. They’re getting rid of the open-ended question and instead asking students to analyze the argument in a passage (although this part of the test is optional).

What this really means is that instead of focusing on flash cards and memorization, you should instead prepare for a lot more concentrated reading. The passages will be long, and there will be fewer breaks. Learn about pacing yourself, and work on sustaining your energy rather than going through the sections in bursts.

You’ll have time to practice. These changes will start affected the PSAT in October, and meanwhile you can use College Board’s new free SAT prep to really rock this test!

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