How to de-stress after a super hectic day

We all have days where we never seem to get a break. Being a teenager, I understand what being stressed out feels like. Between homework and rushing to and from after-school activities, it sometimes feels like I don’t even have a single minute to myself.

After a really stressful day you might feel like crying in your car while sob-singing along to Drake, but I find it much more effective to find a fun, relaxing activity to ease your nerves. These are some of my favorite, easy ways to chill after a sucky day:

Get Outside

Come on, you vampire. All you have to do is walk around the block! If you feel more ambitious, take your dog to the park and let her de-stress too (because you shouldn’t underestimate your dog’s struggles!). Really, any kind of moving around outdoors will help you clear your mind. It’s surprising how effective this is as a mood changer! And if you decide to run or really raise your heart rate for a while, you’re more likely to get better sleep later too. And doesn’t THAT sound heavenly?

Take a Hot Shower or Bath

Get clean and calm down. It’s even better when you have a scented soap/bath bomb/melt/salt! If you’re ever shopping for bath supplies, the raspberry sorbet bubble bath and body wash from Philosophy is beyond amazing.

Make a Cup of Hot Tea

This is such a quick and simple way to relax during a crazy day. Making and drinking a hot, soothing cup of tea is an easy way to take a much needed break from your life. Some types of tea — like passionflower and  chamomile — are actually proven to help you with relaxation. I like sampling different kinds of tea and my tea of the moment is the hot apple cider tea from The Republic of Tea. It has also been proven* typing “tea” over and over again is another way to de-stress. It’s delicate but also spicy and seriously addictive!

*not actually true

Be Entertained

Find a new show on Netflix to get lost in. Or watch an old favorite! This works with reading too —there is nothing like getting into a great new book or revisiting a story you know by heart. Either way, zoning out into an alternate narrative is a great way to temporarily forget your problems. I usually prefer something lighthearted and comedic, but if something scary or sad is more distracting, go for that!

Listen to Music

Listening to music can be really therapeutic. One way to de-stress via music is to create a playlist of soft, relaxing songs that calm you down and listen to them before going to sleep. If that doesn’t work for you, try making an upbeat, loud, pop-y playlist that you can sing or dance along with after school or work. Rocking out to your favorite songs is good stress relief, and if you get really into it, good exercise!


I really love to write. After a long, stressful day I love working on new articles for HelloGiggles or writing in my journal. Find an activity that inspires you, and always make time for it. If you don’t have something like this, try a new creative activity once a week and see if something surprises you. Looking forward to this time can be a great motivator to get things checked off your to-do list. This time is actually the MOST important time of the day.

What do you you do at the end of a stressful day to chill out?

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