De-stress dough might be the only thing that will get you through 2017

So 2016 won’t go down in history as anyone’s favorite year since for a lot of people it was an exercise in how much stress a person can survive. We’re banking on 2017 being a whole lot better, but that doesn’t mean we’re not preparing for the worst. With resolutions to keep, work and family life to balance, and all the craziness a new year can bring, chances are you might already be feeling a serious stress sensation. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. De-stress dough is here, and it’s going to get you through 2017 with your sanity (mostly) intact.

BuzzFeed has brought us a therapeutic dough that will help calm even the tensest of nerves and soothe the most frayed of senses.  You make it at home, and the recipe is easy enough that even if you’re not adept in the kitchen you can whip up a batch of this delightful dough whenever you feel anxiety taking hold.

For just a few dollars (less if you have the ingredients on hand —and who doesn’t have hair condition lying around?), you’ll be able to concoct your very own de-stress dough. Want to make it look a little prettier? Add a few drops of food coloring in your favorite shade. So what makes this dough so very soothing? Fans say the consistency and pleasant scent are key factors to its calming powers.

Personally, we think some of the appeal comes from when you’d make Oobleck back in grade school. The ingredients are virtually the same too, although the conditioner makes it feel and smell way better (and a little more grown-up, too).

So grab those ingredients and make a backlog of de-stress dough. We’re sure that 2017 won’t be as intense as 2016 turned out, but we’d like an assortment of de-stress dough on hand… you know. Just in case.