The most epic DC vs. Marvel movie mashup in the history of mashups

If there’s one thing I really really love, it’s comics and their amazing superhero characters. I was brougt up on equal parts American Girl books and the Fantastic Four series, and yes, like everyone else, I too have my own preference in the ever-present “Marvel vs. DC?” debate (also Felicity vs. Samantha). My Marvel vs. DC thoughts can get out of control — going from “who’s better Iron Man or Superman?” to very nuanced and detailed scenarios about what would happen if those two guys actually fought each other?

Today, in one of the best fan-made videos I’ve EVER seen (seriously, in awe), editor Alex Luthor takes snippets from, what seems to be, every comic movie/TV show from the past decade to answer all of those super-fan pressing questions. He pulls from everything, The Avengers, Batman, X-Men, even CW’s current Flash, and also the Wonder Woman show that never happened. He edits it to look like each DC and Marvel counterpart is fighting each other, so yeah, Hawkeye takes shots at Oliver Queen. Batman fires at Spider-Man! And hats off to Chris Evans who pulls double duty as both Captain America and Johnny Storm. This is a movie we would TOTALLY pay $14 to see.

Superhero hysteria is not budging anytime soon, and expect the hype to grow with the upcoming mega movies: Avengers, Justice League, Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. But maybe what we really need is for this guy to turn his mashup into a feature film. Maybe? All I can think about is how cool it would be to see Black Widow face off against Wonder Woman. Adding that to my 2015 wishlist.

Check out the video below for all the epic action.

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