Here’s how Daylight Savings Time will affect you this weekend, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type

Daylight Savings Time 2018 is almost here, so many people can expect to feel a little more tired than usual next week as they adjust to the time change. But you may not fall into that category, and it could have something to do with your personality type. Interestingly enough, everyone is going to react to the change differently… because we are all so different. So here’s how Daylight Savings Time will affect you this weekend, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

First of all, if you’re not obsessed with knowing your personality type (as many people are), this stuff is likely going to make no sense to you. So if you want to find out your Myers-Briggs personality type, you can do so pretty quickly online. The official test costs money to take online or must be administrated by a professional, but there are plenty of tests (like this one) that you can take for free that will give you fairly accurate results.

Ready to figure out how you’ll be feeling this weekend? Here’s what you can expect from Daylight Savings Time 2018 (don’t forget to “spring forward” an hour on March 11th!), depending on what kind of personality you have. And no matter what, it may still be a good idea to go to bed a little early Saturday night.

ISTJ — The Inspector

People who are ISTJ usually thrive on tradition and routine, so while you may appreciate that this day comes around twice a year, you might not be crazy about the fact that it throws off your usual rhythm. You may feel a little disorganized come Monday morning, but if you plan some extra time into your day to make up for it, you may not be thrown off as much as you think.

INFJ — The Counselor

If you’re an INFJ, you’re probably pretty good at taking things as they come, and others may end up complaining to you about how sleepy they are after the time change… and meanwhile, you’re probably not going to be too bothered by it. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

INTJ — The Mastermind

As an INTJ, you’re probably an introvert who spends a lot of time trying to figure out why things are the way they are, so you’re probably pretty fed up with Daylight Savings Time altogether and wonder why we even bother with it in 2018. Even so, you have to deal with it, so expect a little crankiness when you wake up Sunday and realize the clocks changed.

ENFJ — The Giver

As an ENFJ, you’re more worried about everybody else than yourself, so you probably won’t be bothered by Daylight Savings Time 2018 if the people around you are okay. It might make you happy to get up early on Monday and bring donuts to work or do something nice for a friend who’s going to miss that hour of sleep.

ISTP — The Craftsman

Since you thrive on logic and reason, you’re going to be okay with Daylight Savings Time 2018… even if it’s not your favorite thing in the world. In fact, you might not even notice that it happened until you realize that the clock is different in your car.

ESFJ — The Provider

Chances are you won’t even miss the extra hour of sleep, because as an ESFJ, you’re super charged with natural energy. Go about your business, and live your life — the rest of us are really jealous of you.

INFP — The Idealist

You love to romanticize things if you’re an INFP, so you’re probably loving the change in routine and will probably want to talk extensively about how it’s affecting the people you care about most. Go to bed a little early on Saturday night, though — you’ll probably end up more drained than you realize.

ESFP — The Performer

Daylight Savings Time 2018 is going to hit you, and it’s going to hit you hard. Be prepared with lots of coffee and extra sleep, because all that energy you usually have has to come from somewhere. If you act sleepy on Monday, everyone is going to point it out to you.

ENFP — The Champion

As an ENFP, you’re always striving to be and do your best, so even if the time change is affecting you, you’ll want to act like it isn’t. Be kind to yourself; it’s okay if you’re a little tired next week.

ESTP — The Doer

You love jumping right in, so you’re probably going to try to go about your routine without making any changes. Just remember, if you stay up on Saturday night and feel totally wiped out on Sunday morning without that extra hour of sleep, that’s why!

ESTJ — The Supervisor

As someone who’s always ready to help people, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself texting your BFFs to remind them not to wake up late because of the time change. Remember to take care of yourself, too, though. A little extra shut eye isn’t going to kill you.

ENTJ — The Commander

You love being in control of everything, so you’re probably not going to react well to this time change, especially since it wasn’t your idea. Just try to keep a cool head and remember that the Daylight Savings hangover isn’t forever.

INTP — The Thinker

You thrive on predictable patterns, so if you’re an INTP, you’re not going to like this disruption one bit. You are in the group of people who should definitely go to bed early to make up for the lost sleep… if you don’t lie in bed and think about how unfair it is instead.

ISFJ — The Nurturer

Generous and kind, you are going to be all about helping your friends and coworkers who are struggling to get over their exhaustion next week. Fortunately, just doing that will probably bring you joy, so you may not even notice the time change yourself.

ENTP — The Visionary

Your brain runs a mile a minute, so you may not even be able to go to bed early on Saturday night. If you can’t, just roll with it — you’re not going to suffer that much from a lack of sleep, because you have plenty of energy to make up for it.

ISFP — The Composer

You love spontaneity, so you might not really mind the fact that the time changed. Just make sure that you give yourself the space to be a little sleepy, and don’t beat yourself up over it — we all struggle!

Daylight Savings Time 2018 will probably suck, but we can get through it together. After all, it only happens a couple of times a year.