Here’s what to do with your extra hour of Daylight Saving Time

Oh, Daylight Saving Time, how you confound us all. Whether it’s trying to figure out if you’re Daylight Savings with an ‘s’ (it’s not) or wondering if we’re losing time or gaining time, to debates over whether you should exist at all—you are a tricky beast!

So just to clarify for you all, come 2AM on November 2nd, we’re all scooting our clocks back an hour. What’s a person to do with that extra hour you may ask? Here’s what!

1) Take a freakin’ nap.

Grab a buddy or go it alone, there is nothing sweeter than a little trip to Snooze City, USA. This one’s a no-brainer.

2) Start a new TV show.

If you haven’t had the time to start Friday Night Lights or to re-watch Gilmore Girls, your time has come. Or get into a new sitcom, you can wedge about 3 episodes of Bob’s Burgers into an hour, folks.

3) Learn to bake a really amazing dessert.

Your friends and family will love you for it. Plus, you can smother your enemies with your new friendship cakes and show them who’s boss.

4) Learn all the lyrics to a song.

You’ll get a deep sense of satisfaction, you’ll have a fun party trick, and you’ll be prepared in case you ever get the chance to lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon.

5) Learn all the choreography from your favorite artist’s music video.

When people tire of your singing, you’ll be prepared to dance their faces off. Whether you go with a classic like Thriller, or a classic like Britney’s I’m a Slave 4 U, or a classic like Sia’s Chandelier…it’ll be a new classic.

6) Go on a jog.

If you hate jogging, go on a walk. Just get outside – you’ve got the time!

7) Build a blanket fort.

You haven’t done it since you were a kid? So what! It’s awesome. You can cozy up in your own private paradise.

8) Bring back cocktail hour.

The hour is the there. The cocktails are there. You’re there. Done.

9) Finally perfect your cat eye makeup.

You’ve no excuse not to learn how to properly flick, folks.

10) Start a new book.

Books are awesome! There’s plenty of free ones around, too. Be like Belle and share your love of reading with local farm animals.

11) Call your BFF!

Duh. More time, more talk.

12) Treat yo’ self.

Go on a shopping spree. Or at least go out and try everything on and when you realize you can’t afford it, treat yo’ self to a donut!

13) Start a blog.

What’re you interested in? Write about it! Chances are you’ll make a few new chums. Or you’ll get stalked by Taylor Swift. No big thang.

14) Have an impromptu dance party.

Because of for to have fun.

15) Create an alter ego for yourself. Then go out in character.

For example, just call me Harmonica Butterworth – jet setting celebrity yoga instructer and heiress to the Mrs. Butterworth fortune.

16) Watch adorable animal videos on Youtube.

An activity for all time.

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