Your daydreams could actually attract your dream mate and here’s how

If you’re lucky enough to be around people you love and adore regularly, there’s a chance you’ve found yourself sometimes feeling a little stronger than just a friendship for them at some point. And there’s also a chance that they may not feel the same way back.

While there are lots of ways to deal with a friendzone situation (and there’s really no “right way”), there’s a new study that shows that it’s possible to daydream your way into a relationship with the other.

And you don’t even have to sign a pact with an sea witch to get it.


According to Psychology Today, by simply believing the person you’re totally crushing has the same feelings for you, you may end up treating them differently. And in doing so, they could change how they respond to you because positive of the way you treat them.

Basically, being flirty and sweet to the person of your dreams could make them feel really good about being around you and they ~might~ eventually start to reciprocate all the stomach butterflies you feel.


Another reason the study hypothesizes this daydreaming scenario works is because in believing the other person has the same feelings as you, you gain a healthy sense of confidence. And confidence is attractive to any potential mate (not to mention it’ll give you that extra boost you need to maybe someday make your move).

The study did note that just because you can create a self-fulfilling love prophecy doesn’t mean you can actually change people’s desires. If a friend just doesn’t see you as a desirable mate, that will likely not change over time. But, at least you can know that by believing the other person desires you, you can actually become more desirable.


So, next time you find your mind wandering off, remember that a little daydreaming can actually be really good for you and your love live.

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