Daydream Nation’s Valentine’s t-shirt collection is out, and it’s giving us major heart-eyes

RED ALERT for all t-shirt lovers: Indie clothing brand Daydream Nation has a new collection that will help you express your true feelings this Valentine’s Day.

We have serious heart-eyes for the Los Angeles-based, ethically-made fashion line’s latest offerings. The comfy/sexy/cool “Lonely Hearts” collection remixes the traditional Valentine’s color scheme of pinks and reds with feisty slogans and current cuts. If that hasn’t sold you yet, Daydream Nation’s items are made of vintage, super soft fabrics.

Whether you’re a “Cat Lover” (a sexy alternative to the “Crazy Cat Lady” trope) or want to tell someone to “Fucketh Thyself,” you’ll find something from Daydream Nation to tickle your fancy.


In addition to t-shirts, the collection offers loungewear and lingerie — if you’re planning to spend your V-Day at home in bed with your love (be it human, ice cream, or Netflix.) What else do you expect from a brand whose slogan is, “Here we dance in our undies and wear our hearts on our sleeve”?

“You break it you buy it”…they’re talking about hearts, right?


When the only Valentine you want is you.


“For the bitter, on Valentine’s Day.” LOLZ.


For the not-so-bitter on Valentine’s Day.


If your bae is of the feline purr-suation…

PS, those pants! (They’re from @showmeyourmumu.)

Ready for a romantic romp? Trying to send a message to your friend with benefits?


Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, so don’t sleep! The Lonely Hearts collection is available on DaydreamNation.LA.

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