These 1-day-old baby goats jumping and wearing sweaters will kinda change your life

Unlike human babies, newborn animals don’t take long to adjust to life outside the womb. While we spend most of our early days napping, nursing, pooping, and wailing non-stop, these day-old, sweater-wearing baby goats are already jumping around and raring to unleash their innate talents on the world. While they’re not yet pros at springing off the ground, they should be in no time. They’re definitely getting in plenty of practice!

According to Bored Panda, these four adorable baby goats in sweaters reside at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine, home of those famous baby goats dancing in pajamas that we fell completely in love with a couple years ago. And just like their boogieing predecessors, these goats also have the most awesome names: Butterscotch, Bruno, Gershwin, and Marigold.

As Mashable reports, the goats were born last weekend, and the frisky foursome has already stolen our hearts.

GAH! All this bouncing around, bleating, and looking cute is enough for us to at least give consideration to renting out a goat on Amazon just to see how we’d fair with short-term goat ownership. And apparently, stylishness runs in goat DNA: These furry sweater get-ups are a popular fashion choice among the playful animals.

Alright, that does it. Newborn, nuzzle-worthy goats in sweaters learning how to jump has officially turned this from a mopey Monday into a work day filled with pure joy.

We’re off to dutifully slay some work-related tasks — but not before we give these giddy goats a few (or several) more YouTube views.