*This* is the day to get married in order to have a cheap wedding

Trying to find a bargain for your wedding day expenses can feel like an impossible feat, but not if you get married on a Thursday. On the hierarchy of days to get hitched, weekdays are likely near the bottom of the pile, but it’ll save you some serious dough, Fortune reports.


Friends and family may give you a side-eye when they discover the wedding falls during the week, but your bank account will thank you. On average, venues are 17 percent cheaper on Thursday than a Saturday night wedding, according to Wedding Spot CEO and co-founder Tina Hoang-To.

It’s likely that some of your wedding guests are budgeting for your big day as well, so many of them will probably be understanding. If not, it’s your big day and your moolah footing the bill so feel free to marry on a day that is becoming increasingly popular among newlyweds. The Knot reports that the number of couples marrying on a Thursday increased nearly 2 percent between 2014 and 2015. Apparently, couples in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco appear to be taking advantage of the savings opportunity as each of the cities have reportedly experienced an increase in Thursday weddings.

With the average wedding cost approaching $33,000, we should probably keep our Thursday night schedules open, just in case.