Dax Shepard’s Daughter Doesn’t Care for His Dad Dance Moves—But We Do

Not even these slick moves can compete with screen time.

Every parent will tell you that their one mission in life is to embarrass the heck out of their kids—and Dax Shepard is taking home the gold for Most Embarrassing Dad. In an Instagram video posted to wife Kristen Bell’s feed on February 1st, Shepard tried his best to distract his daughter from a tense game of Subway Surfer by breaking out his best dad dance moves, and she’s having absolutely none of it.

Sadly, even his best moves are no match for the gripping allure of screen time, Bell captioned the hilarious video.

Eventually, the dad dancing was too much to handle, and Delta had no choice but to retreat from the madness (holding in a laugh). Padma Laksmi commented, “this is so precious,” and hairstylist Jenny Cho commented a string of crying-laughing emojis.

Both Shepard and Bell have been keeping their kids entertained while in quarantine. In January, both Shepard and Bell posted a video of Shepard doing the most with his at-home workout routine (aka using Bell as a makeshift set of weights).

They had one of their daughters film the squat session, and the giggles prove everyone was getting a good laugh out of dad’s routine. Anything to keep us busy at home! Bell captioned the video.

With a few more months of quarantine, home-schooling, and forced family time ahead of us, doing whatever you can to make things interested at home is necessary—especially when there are little kids to keep busy and happy.

Luckily, Shepard and Bell are giving fellow parents some inspiration for keeping smiles and laughter up during a stressful time. All you gotta do is break out the dad dance moves.

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