Dax Shepard Didn’t Hesitate When Choosing Who Should Play Kristen Bell in a Movie

We need someone to make this movie ASAP.

Dax Shepard knows who he wants to play Kristen Bell in a movie, and we’re begging someone to write the script as soon as possible. In an edition of theSkimm’s “Texting With” digital series, Bell was presented with the question of who would portray her in a movie and she was stumped.

She yelled to Shepard off camera for his thoughts and he said, with no hesitation, “Reese Witherspoon.” Luckily, Bell was completely on board. “Okay, that’s good,” she said. “You can’t go wrong with Reese Witherspoon.” We couldn’t agree more, Kristen.

Bell went on to answer a series of rapid-fire questions, including an almost controversial one about her favorite podcast. “Well this puts me in a bit of a pickle, doesn’t it?” she said, “Because my husband has a podcast.” She took the bait, saying that her number one was “obviously going to be” Armchair Expert, Shepard’s podcast, then named true-crime podcast Root of Evil as her runner-up. Bell even revealed some exciting news that she’s currently working on a podcast of her own with Shepard’s co-host Monica Padman.

Bell also shared some info about her time on Gossip Girl. “My Gossip Girl experience was very different than I think anyone else’s on the show because I’d get to watch the cut before everyone else did so I’d get to know what was happening on the show and then just add my sassiest twist of a narrator,” she said.

She even revealed how she got the gig, explaining that CW had just canceled Veronica Mars and she was hustling for a new role. “I called Dawn Ostroff who ran the network at the time and I said ‘Hey, remember when you just canceled my show and I’m out of work?'” she recalled. “‘Can I do the narration on Gossip Girl? Because I know I’m too old to play a character, but would that be okay?'”

She was also presented with the question of what she thought her character Eleanor from The Good Place would be like during quarantine—and her answer was relatable as ever. “A hot, hot mess,” she said.

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