Lauren Graham Spilled All the Details on What It’s Like to Be Dax Shepard’s Neighbor

We may *actually* never stop laughing, because it's not surprising at all.

Knowing what we do about Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, we could only assume that they would be those kooky neighbors in the neighborhood. Their senses of humor matched with all the cars Shepard has accumulated…we just had a feeling. And Lauren Graham, who is actually the couple’s neighbor, just confirmed our theory.

Graham virtually stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, April 1st, and said in the nicest way possible that Shepard and Bell are, in fact, the neighbors that no one can quite figure out.

“Dax has been working on his new house,” Graham told Kimmel, “and the way we’re situated I pass him and he—it’s a beautiful house it’s gonna be incredible—but he basically took what others might consider to be the front lawn and turned it into a massive driveway for all his cars.”

Shepard, who played Graham’s brother on the TV show Parenthood, recently invested in “the most massive tour bus,” Graham said, which she assumed “was just for these times.”

I pass this every day and I was like, ‘Gosh, when are they gonna get rid of the bus?’ He’s out of his mind…They’re never getting rid of it, Jimmy. They’re keeping it. He bought that, she said.

Kimmel, who is well aware of the bus thanks to Shepard sending him pictures, said he was wondering if the bus was causing concern amongst the neighbors. “We gave up a long time ago,” Graham joked. “He rides around topless on a motorcycle…you have to just love him.”

So, although Shepard and Bell’s house may look like a used car lot, the bright side is that if anyone in the neighborhood is having car trouble, they know who to call. Shepard has rides for everyone.

The neighbors must be wondering, however, what the heck is going on inside that tour bus…

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