Dax Shepard talks about what it’s really like being married to real-life Disney Princess Kristen Bell

Disney knew what they were doing when they chose Kristen Bell to be the voice of Frozen’s Princess Anna. We say that because Kristen is basically a Disney princess in real life. Even her husband Dax Shepard – who lives with her and has raised two little girls with her – believes this to be 100% true.

During his interview on The Off Camera Show, Dax opened up about what his daily life with Kristen is like. He talked about walking down the street with her, mentioning that if a man comes up to them, he’s automatically suspicious. As for Kristen, Dax revealed that this is genuinely her first thought: “This guy might cure cancer.” (Alright, we might as well start calling her Princess Kristen.)

With her positive outlook on life, Kristen taught Dax that there is kindness in the world. “She’s not involved in all these charities because she wants you to think she’s a good person,” Shepard explained. “She genuinely is worried about these people and wants to help. Through her, I’ve gotten to see that there’s a ton of good people and there’s a ton of goodness and I’ve tried my hardest to [follow her example] for seven years.

Dax added that Kristen and himself are opposites – especially when it comes to their backgrounds. Kristen went to Catholic school, graduated from college, and has followed a more strait-laced path in life. On the other hand, Dax coped with a drug addiction in the past and has been a part of some not-so-great situations. Ultimately, Dax finds these differences to be both interesting and meaningful.

We live in the same house. We have the same two kids. We make the same amount of money. We have the same job,” stated Shepard. “Look [at the] different paths you can take and end up in the exact same spot in life.


Thanks to his relationship with Kristen, Dax has gained some valuable knowledge as a parent. He has parent friends who worry about their kids taking the wrong path in life. But, based on his experience, Dax understands that one can never truly know where another person’s path will lead.

It’s wild what a different road you can both take to the same exit,” concluded Dax, demonstrating the same optimism Princess Kristen exudes at all times.

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