Dax Shepard admitted he once almost asked Anna Faris out

We can’t imagine him with anyone other than the incredible Kristen Bell, but Dax Shepard recently admitted he once had a thing for Anna Faris. And hey, we can’t blame him.

Faris sat down with Shepard for his podcast, Armchair Expert, which launched this year. Shepard, who’s always candid on the show, had no problem telling Faris that he was interested in her before eventually falling for Bell. But there was one thing holding him back from asking her out: She was married.

While many people are aware that Faris was married to Chris Pratt for eight years, some don’t know that Pratt was actually her second husband. Faris was married to actor Ben Indra from 2004 to 2008. She’s openly admitted that she ultimately left Indra to pursue a relationship with Pratt after meeting him on the set of the movie Take Me Home Tonight.

Shepard’s crush moment was in 2005, meaning that Faris was still with Indra at the time.

"I saw Just Friends and was like, 'You are so talented' and you and I sat next to each other during a premiere," he said to the actress.

Shepard said that he thought about how he’d like to take her out on a date, before realizing she was married. “Then from my point of view, that door was shut. It was like a dead-bolt door,” he said.

Faris said she vaguely recalled the evening, and that her husband may have even been sitting right next to her. She also had her fair share of compliments for Shepard.

"Can I be obnoxious? You have always been a very handsome man. You are just one of those guys that gets more handsome as they age, and it's not just the Red Bull talking," Faris said.

Much like Shepard and Bell, Faris has always been open about the ups and downs of married life (usually on her own podcast, Unqualified). And while we of course are thrilled things turned out the way they did (because Kristen and Dax for life!), we also are officially obsessed with this little trip down memory lane.

Thanks, guys!

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