The “Dawson’s Creek” cast casually freaked out an entire coffee shop before their reunion shoot

As all superfans surely know by now, the Dawson’s Creek cast reunited for the show’s 20th anniversary for an Entertainment Weekly cover shoot. And it was epic. Joey, Pacey, Dawson, Jen, Andy, Jack, Gram, and more were there for the special event, and our ’90s hearts have never felt so full.

And as if that weren’t all exciting enough, the cast hung out for a casual round-table discussion about their time in Capeside all those years ago. Katie Holmes noted that while they’ve seen each other off and on over the years, it’s never been all at once nor for “long enough.” Meanwhile James Van Der Beek recalled how they all had no idea the show was going to be well liked, let alone become a certifiable cultural phenomenon. And Joshua Jackson? He was just laughing about how totally hilarious it was to see people react to them all in one place again.

"It was enjoyable in a very particular way to be in the coffee shop this morning and just see people trying to process what was happening. You know, one [of us] walks in, and it's like, 'Oh, that's interesting.' Two. 'What a coincidence.' Three. "Holy shit!'"

LOL. But seriously, what we would have given to be in that coffee shop.

Also, all Joey/Pacey shippers (aka basically every single fan of the show), if you want to melt into a nostalgic puddle on the floor today, skip to 1:02 of the above video to see Joshua Jackson lovingly rest his head on Katie Holmes’ shoulder. We almost can’t even deal.

There’s no talk of a potential reunion episode, and TBH, we’re cool with that. We couldn’t love the series any more than we already do, and we truly don’t want anything to mess with that.

If you need more Dawson’s reunion in your life, you can watch the full episode of “Entertainment Weekly Cast Reunions: Dawson’s Creek” here on PeopleTV.

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