We just found out that Dawson’s Creek ALMOST ended with a Joey/Dawson lovefest

Dawson’s Creek aired its season finale 12 years ago, so we’re assuming that you guys have watched the series at least seven times over the course of the past decade and that we no longer have to worry about Capeside spoilers.

JUST IN CASE you’re halfway through your first watch of the series right now, (we understand, some of you were, like, three when the show ended) stop reading right here, there be spoilers ahead.

Okay, so as the rest of us Creek fans know, the Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle finally ends in the series finale with Joey and Pacey getting together. BUT BUT BUT, Buzzfeed reports that series creator Kevin Williamson revealed at the ATX Television Festival yesterday, the series ALMOST ended with a Dawson-Joey pairing.

“Originally, when Kevin [Williamson] and I started talking, it was pretty clear to both of us it would probably be she and Dawson,” executive producer Paul Stupin told the crowd. “So, the first half of that two-hour [finale], Kevin wrote with the understanding and the awareness that it was going to be, ultimately, those two people who ended up together on our show. But halfway through, Kevin calls me and says, ‘You know what? I changed my mind.’”

Williamson was on hand to walk the crowd through this tough decision.

“I will tell you, it was hard. When I said, ‘Yes, I’m gonna do it,’ Dawson was the obvious answer,” Williamson explained. “And then the more I thought about it and the more I was into writing the first hour … I just kept going, I don’t know. This isn’t what the show set up to be. Maybe that’s where it started, but it evolved and the show has turned into something else.’”

Williamson’s knew that he had to resolve this love triangle on a satisfying note, but he also wanted to say something about the idea of soulmates. As with Mindy Kaling’s “a best friend is not a person but a tier” theory, Williamson also believes that soulmates are a tier.

“I always wanted the show to sort of be surprising and I also wanted it to be honest and young and I also wanted to say something about soul mates,” Williamson said. “And what I believe soul mates can be… You know, we find our soul mates in our best friends, we find our soul mates in our partners… It’s not always romantic… In some ways, Pacey and Joey are soul mates, I think Dawson and Joey are soul mates, I think Pacey and Dawson are soul mates. It’s a triangle. That’s the show.”

Williamson also shed some light on why he believed it was necessary to off our beloved Jen Lindley in the end.

“I wanted them to really, truly come of age and that’s why I made the decision also that we should kill Jen,” Williamson told the crowd. “Here’s why: Because they had dealt with, in 127 episodes, every issue under the sun: the death of a parent, all of these things, but they hadn’t dealt with the death of someone in their circle… And that’s one way of coming of age, and this was a coming of age story. So, what would it be like in a world where they lost when of their own? And I wanted to deal with that, I wanted to see what that would look like… When you realize life is so precious, you start to truly make decisions. You start thinking realistically and that is what it forced [Joey] to do: make a decision.”

We LOVE looking back at one of our fave coming-of-age series in this new light. So much to think about, so much to process! Capeside, you are just the gift that keeps on giving.

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