David Schwimmer is playing Grace’s love interest next season on Will and Grace, and we’re getting Ross crossover vibes

Ready for all your ’90s sitcom dreams to come true? Good, because a major crossover is about to happen. David Schwimmer—aka Ross from Friends, duh—is set to appear on Will & Grace this upcoming season, so if you are dying to see your nostalgic NBC faves back in action, this is your chance.

According to USA Today, Schwimmer will be playing Grace’s love interest on the reboot’s second season. There’s no word so far about what we can expect from his character or how long he’ll be on the show, but we do know his role is recurring—meaning we’ll see him more than once. And honestly? If we can’t have the Friends reunion we’ve all been begging for, maybe this is the next best thing.

Sadly, it seems like he’ll be a new character and not Ross (which would be wild). But that’s also a good thing because we could not bear the thought of finding out that he and Rachel were no longer together.

As for Grace, Debra Messing has already taken to Instagram to share this wonderful news—and to celebrate the fact that Grace will be dating, of course.

Flipping out about the new development, Messing wrote, “David Schwimmer is coming to play in my sandbox and I. AM. PSYCHED!!!!!”

Same, girl. Same.

Will & Grace doesn’t return with new episodes until October 4th, so we have a lot of time to dig up more info about Schwimmer’s part—or just to cook up theories on what his new character could mean for the show. And really, is it too much to cross our fingers and hope that his return to sitcoms will make him realize how imperative it is to convince his former co-stars to bring back Friends, too?

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