A guy named David Schwimmer is trending on Twitter, but it’s not *the* David Schwimmer, and people are losing it

You may have been surprised today, April 13th, to see the name “David Schwimmer” trending on your Twitter feed. However, it’s not that David Schwimmer (aka everyone’s favorite paleontologist, Ross Gellar).  For better or worse, it seems some other Schwimmer has done something trend-worthy.

Bloomberg tweeted out an article about David Schwimmer, formerly of Goldman Sachs, and his recent promotion to CEO of the London Stock Exchange. It’s, as you probably figured, a big deal. Even though the tweet included a picture that looked nothing like Ross Geller, people couldn’t help but joke about it. And honestly we can’t blame them. With so many Ross Gellar gifs to choose from, the news was almost begging to be mocked.

Here’s the announcement that sparked all the excitement:

And here are some of our favorite replies (and trust us, there were many):


Schwimmer really knows how to multitask, it seems.

A congratulations to the other David Schwimmer for the awesome new job title. We can imagine that growing up with the same exact name as an actor from one of the most popular sitcoms of all time must have been rough. But it could be worse. His name could have been Mr. Heckles.

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