David Lynch may not be done with movies after all

Fans of Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive were thrown for a loop earlier this month, when director David Lynch announced that his film career was over. His reasoning? The state of the industry doesn’t really leave room for his kind of films to make money. OK, OK, we get it. And with the revival of his cult-classic television series Twin Peaks being received so well, what reason does he have to return to cinema?

But although we now have plenty of Twin Peaks to go around, thanks to the Showtime reboot, it’s still a blow whenever an iconic director like David Lynch leaves the movie industry.

However, take heart: Apparently David didn’t mean it!

According to The Playlist, the Twin Peaks director backtracked on his earlier statement at the Cannes Film Festival.

He said, “My remarks have been misrepresented. I did not say I quit cinema. Simply that nobody knows what the future holds. 

Well then! Is it possible we might get another film from David Lynch? It HAS been more than a decade since his last — Inland Empire (2006) — came out.

But then again, David himself is highly aware of how much attention small-screen shows are getting these days. “Cable television is the new art-house,” he said in an interview with Time Out Magazine last fall.

So, is he hinting that TV is his new focus? Or will he ride out this Twin Peaks high straight onto the big screen? We guess we’ll just have to wait to find out! In the meantime, enjoy this clip of David Lynch eating a donut.


Delicious snacks aside, let’s hope we get more visual magic from the brilliant cinematic storyteller in the future.

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