Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg shut down accusations that he’s a “crisis actor”

In the days following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, we’ve been so inspired by survivors who are taking action. The Parkland, Florida teenagers and their community are standing up to legislators and paving the way for real change. They’re planning the March For Our Lives, a march on Washington to demand action on gun control, for March 24th. But there are still some people who think their grief is an act. These people actually think that the Parkland shooting victims are crisis actors, and they’re focusing their energy on one alleged crisis actor in particular.

Certain conspiracy theorists are convinced that shootings like the Parkland shooting are staged by Democrats and completely made up. This time, one theory involves 17-year-old survivor David Hogg. On Tuesday, February 20th, Hogg and his father spoke with Anderson Cooper on air about the crisis actor conspiracy theory.

“I’m just so sorry that these people have lost their faith in America. Because I know I certainly haven’t,” Hogg told Cooper. “The fact that these people refuse to believe that something like this could happen is something that all of us don’t want to believe. But the sad truth is that it is.”

David Hogg addressed the accusation that he and his fellow survivors are crisis actors — and completely shut it down.

"These people saying this is absolutely disturbing," Hogg continued. "And I’m not an actor in any sense, way, shape, or form. I am the son of a former FBI agent, and that is true. But as such, it is also true that I go to Stoneman Douglas high school. And I was a witness to this. I’m not a crisis actor. I’m somebody that had to witness this and live through this. And I continue to have to do that. … It’s unbelievable to me that these people are even saying this."

Watch Anderson Cooper’s interview with David Hogg below.

Hogg joins Cooper around the four-minute mark.


Hogg and his fellow survivors are not acting. If they sound overly prepared or like they’re reading from a script, it’s because they ARE overly prepared. They’re serious about taking action against gun violence, and they’ve found the words to do so. In fact, they’re way more informed and ready for debate than many cable news pundits out there. We continue to support the survivors and community affected by the Parkland school shooting.

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