Shirtless David Harbour just accidentally did the Kylo Ren challenge, and it’s making me feel things

It has been well-documented that I have strong feelings for Kylo Ren, and I also have strong feelings for David Harbour — and also Chief Jim Hopper, because obviously. I never in a million years though these two things would ever intersect, but here we are. David Harbour has just put on some super high-waisted pants, without a shirt, and posted it to Instagram. Did he just accidentally do the Kylo Ren Challenge, which is my favorite Instagram challenge of 2018 so far? Sure looks like it.

You see, David Harbour has decided he doesn’t just want to be sexy and smoldering (yeah, I wrote it), he also wants to save the world. For another one of his “I’ll do anything for RTs,” he’s partnering with Greenpeace, and hopes to actually save the world. What a guy. Early next month, he is headed for cold weather in ANTARCTICA, where he’s going to personally save a flock of penguins. Actually, probably not, but that’s what I’m going to imagine since David Harbour helping a bunch of penguins warms my cold, dark heart.

In order to prepare for this exciting and important trip, Harbour is currently trying on snow pants. And he’s not just trying them on, but he’s trying them on and then dancing around in them, and all of this is being broadcast on Instagram, since he knows what the people want. They want David Harbour shirtless and dancing in snow pants (and suspenders).

And with this ‘lil Hopper dance, Harbour has just done the Kylo Ren Challenge, and I think we can all agree that he won? (He won, not up for debate.)


But let’s not undercut the greater importance of this, just because Harbour is shirtless (even though that is pretty great). If you want to also help protect the Antarctic Ocean, just like our favorite Hawkins Police Chief, you can find more information on Greenpeace’s website.

And now I’m just wondering what you’re going to save shirtless, Ben Solo…?