We just learned David Harbour and Julia Stiles used to date, and our world is SHOOK

Here’s some breaking news for you…from the year 2012. Did you know, way back when roughly seven-ish years ago, David Harbour and Julia Stiles used to date?

If you’ve known this for the past seven-ish years, just wondering why you didn’t share this information with me, and the rest of the HelloGiggles editorial staff? Because when I announced this juicy David Harbour and Julia Stiles news aloud to the editorial pool, two people actually GASPED. This is news we needed to know back then, and this is certainly news we’re interested in right now, thanks to our newfound, glorious crush on Sir David Harbour, aka the best, scruffy-looking police chief of Hawkins, Indiana.

From what I can scrape off the internet from like, 2011, Harbour and Stiles starred in the 2013 movie, Between Us, which is where they probably met…? Listen, it’s kinda hard to find information about couples — any couple — back in 2011, because the internet was different then and we weren’t all gawking at pictures of David Harbour all day, every day. According to a JustJared piece in 2011, the couple were together and showing some major PDA in New York.

They eventually split sometime between 2012 and…2015. According to The New York Daily News, they split in 2012, but the ever prestigious WhoDatedWho.com lists them as splitting in 2015. Adding more speculation and confusion to this, neither has ever publicly addressed the relationship and consequential split, but they HAVE been photographed together a BUNCH.


And that’s why we’re here right now.


How can you be sad when you think fondly back to that time maybe like three minutes ago when you learned ’90s teen movie darling Julia and gruff Jim Hopper used to date?


There is so much happiness and warmth in the world.



Even though they’re no longer together, I think I believe in love again?