Breaking news: David Harbour and Joe Keery are rooming together for “Stranger Things” Season 3, and to be a fly on that wall

The best bromance to emerge from Netflix (probably forever) has just taken a huge step forward in their relationship: They’ve moved in together. Stranger Things has officially started production on Season 3 in Atlanta, and if a certain hashtag is to be believed, Joe Keery and David Harbour are crashing together.

In a meta move yesterday, Harbour took to Instagram to share a series of Polaroid snapshots of his co-stars as they reunited for season three of the hit Netflix series. The adorably candid photos featured series co-creator Matt Duffer, Charlie Heaton, Natalia Dyer, Gaten Matarazzo, Cara Buono, Millie Bobby Brown, Keery, and newly announced addition to the cast, Cary Elwes.

Harbour captioned the photos with an adorably self-deprecating caption about his ability to properly use a Polaroid camera — but it was a particular hashtag that caught our attention. He wrote, “One day when I actually figure out how to use this Polaroid camera and am hailed as the genius photographer I am on the inside, ohhhhhh THEN you’ll be sorry, cast who is annoyed with me, then you’ll be sorry!!  #backatit #justdinner #strangerthingsseason3 #joekeeryismyroomate

I’m sorry, did David Harbour just slip #joekeeryismyroomate in and think we wouldn’t immediately notice?

Please elaborate on this! Are you sharing a room a la Step Brothers or is it a cool house with a pool? Do you guys stay up all night having heart to hearts like it’s freshman year of college all over again? Is the rest of the cast invited?

Can we make a movie about this roommate experience?

While Steve and Hopper have yet to spend any real solo time together on the hit series — although we’d give up all our Dragon’s Lair change to see Steve become Hop’s police protegé — the pair clearly have the most adorable bromance off-screen. Duffer brothers, if you’re reading this, please give the fans what they really want and give us a magical Steve/Hopper scene!

In the meantime, we’ll be on the lookout for roommate shenanigans courtesy of the pair’s Instagrams.

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