David Harbour celebrated his Golden Globes loss in a pretty great way

Ah, you win some, you lose some. Just because you’ve managed to defeat the Upside Down — twice — doesn’t mean you’re going to get any sort of trophy for doing so. Come on. That’s something David Harbour learned the hard way, after Alexander Skarsgård took home the 2018 Golden Globes award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, not him. But it’s cool. Nothing to get too upset about, as Harbour then appropriately “celebrated” his loss on Instagram, because he is a standup guy. Just another reason we’re all crushin’ on Hopper.

But also, let’s just be super thankful for a second that Harbour did not win, because a little while ago, everyone’s favorite babysitter, Joe Keery, said (threatened??) to shave his beautiful head of hair of Harbour won. And, like, no. Steve can’t go into Season 3 without his HAIR, because HOW will he continue to give Dustin hair tips? Absolutely not.

So, phew, Steve gets to keep his hair…but Harbour leaves the Golden Globes empty-handed.

In a picture with a caption of “no caption,” Harbour poses with Alfred Molina — who was also nominated for the same award, for his work in Feud: Betty and Joan, and you might know him because he’s also Doctor Octopus. Just saying. Anyway, these two, ahem, look kinda dumb with their finger and their thumb in the shape of an L on their foreheads.

Well, hopefully the recognition and awards for Harbour keep coming, and don’t stop coming, because we need a whole lot more Stranger Things in our lives — and, with that, a whole lot more Chief Hopper. You’re always going to be a winner to us, David Harbour! Cheer up, things could always be worse! (Another demogorgon could be on the loose.)