David Duchovny just spilled about Scully and Mulder’s relationship in the ‘X-Files’ reboot

With the X-Files reboot set to premiere on Fox in just a few short weeks (Jan 24! Bring. It. On.), we’re so ready to see Mulder and Scully unearth all of life’s extraterrestrial secrets. More than ready TBH. But we’re also super curious about another secret…what exactly has happened between these two in the 13 years since the original series ended (and the 7 since the last X-Files movie)? I mean, that’s a lot of years any way you slice it.

When we got our first glimpse of the new X-Files limited series last August, we discovered that Mulder and Scully have broken up and are no longer together. The news hit us harder than a full-scale alien invasion. But now that we’ve had a few months to recover, we’re kind of curious as to how their estrangement is going to play out in the new episodes. Okay, we’re actually DYING to know. Will they be throwing things at each other during their investigations? (Because that would be inconvenient.) If Mulder gets abducted by aliens, will Scully just let them keep him? (We hope not. Uncool.)

In a brand new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, David Duchovy shed a little light on this subject. You can set your X-Files-loving mind at ease, because according to the star, “We’re not bickering while we’re running with our guns out.” He goes on to say, “The relationship was never played [before this]. It was never … the predominant aspect of the show as written. It was something that was unspoken. I think it remains that way. I personally don’t want to Mulder and Scully sitting in couples’ therapy; that’s not what the show is. You can find that on other shows.”

We get it. And we approve. We want our new X-Files to look like it always has: smart, mysterious and moody. We want sci fi horror X-Files. Not rom com X-Files.

Although, it might be kind of cool to see our two fave FBI agents eventually reconcile. You know, between alien conspiracies. Just saying.

(Image via Fox.)