People in Australia think this lightning bolt is a sign from David Bowie, and maybe they’re right

It’s been nineteen days since the late, great David Bowie passed away on January 10th and our hearts are still healing. But it’s comforting to know (in a very surreal, bizarre way we think Bowie would totally approve of) the Starman’s music legacy lives on – along with his iconic lightning bolt.

On Friday, Sydney, Australia witnessed a wild storm complete with – you guessed it – lightning. At one point, a vibrant bolt streaked across the sky and hit the Sydney Tower, making for an incredible snapshot that was impressively captured by a man named Mike Morrow:

After sharing the image on Instagram, it quickly gained attention because it perfectly mirrors Bowie’s makeup on his Aladdin Sane album cover:

At this point, Twitter got really excited and Sydney residents began to believe that this was a sign from David Bowie himself:

After all, it seems that the superstar was a believer in symbols and signs, considering his last music video, which served as a beautiful goodbye to a world that deeply, truly loved him. There’s also the last account he followed on Twitter before his passing:

While we miss Bowie terribly and still can’t believe he’s gone, at least his prolific music (and lightning bolt) legacy continues to illuminate the world. Literally.

(Images via Instagram; Twitter)

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