David Bowie just broke Adele’s Vevo record with “Lazarus”

When Adele awoke from her multi-year slumber and released the music video for “Hello” last October, the world stopped whatever it was doing to watch, listen, and sob. Her comeback was everything fans had hoped for; and the star quickly shattered Vevo’s record for most video views in a single day. But less than three months after “Hello”‘s release, Adele has been dethroned — by David Bowie’s final, heartbreaking music video for “Lazarus.”

People everywhere are still processing and mourning the death of Bowie, who died earlier this week; and “Lazarus” was the legendary artist’s final gift to the world before his passing. When Bowie had first released the video, few knew its true significance. But after his death, many wanted to see what Bowie had created — earning the video a jaw-dropping 11.1 million views in one day. (It currently has over 20 million views on YouTube.)

According to Vulture, “[Bowie’s] entire catalogue saw a massive surge in streams on January 11, racking up 51 million views (Vevo’s YouTube views included) across his video oeuvre, a 5,198 percent week-to-week increase.” As no other music videos have been confirmed from Bowie’s posthumous album, Blackstar, “Lazarus” might just be his final music video — and it’s one that we will treasure for years to come.

(Image via YouTube.)

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