David Bowie and Iman’s daughter is looking gorgeous and grown-up in new pic her mom shared

Back in June, Iman shared a touching throwback photo of David Bowie in honor of what would’ve been the couple’s 24th wedding anniversary, and on Monday, the gorgeous model took to Instagram to share another beautiful family tribute. This time she posted a photo of her and Bowie’s daughter Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones, wishing her a happy 16th birthday. Just as we expected from the daughter of such a striking couple, Lexi is gorgeous.

In the simple black-and-white photo, Lexi is giving us a little bit of her mom’s model glamour with a perfect cat eye and fierce facial expression that Iman accurately describes as “Classy with a hint of sassy.”

While Iman rarely shares pics of her daughter, she’s obviously given Lexi some professional tips on posing and catching the light because this selfie is on point. Then again, when you’re the product of a supermodel/rockstar match made in heaven, we’re pretty sure it’s genetically impossible to take a bad selfie.

I mean…c’mon:

There’s levels to being this damn flawless:

For now, Lexi’s mostly tucked away from the spotlight, but after viewing this gorgeous pic, we can’t help but hope she follows in her mom’s fabulous fashion footsteps. We have full confidence that Lexi would kill it as a model.