David Beckham’s tribute to Victoria is making us melt

David Beckham thinks that 1999 was a really good year for him – so good, in fact, that he recently got the number ‘99’ tattooed to his pinky finger and shared the photo on Instagram. We have to disagree with David’s reasoning, though. 1999 wasn’t just a good year for him, it was a great year for all of us.

1999 was the year the Posh Spice married the world’s best soccer player. It was the year that Victoria and David Beckham officially became one of the most superpower couples of all time, proving that true love really does exist. Between wedding planning and dating a pop idol, David also managed to lead his football team to win a record-breaking three championships. And, 1999 was the year that David became a dad for the first time.

“Good?” David, I think that year qualifies as “epic.”

This tattoo is debuting only two weeks after Posh and Becks celebrated their sixteen-year anniversary, and is clearly a love letter (er, number) to their marriage and children. My inner-middle schooler is sobbing with joy and hugging her Spice Girl dolls – okay, okay, and my present day self is sobbing with joy and wishing she hadn’t left her Spice Girls dolls in her mom’s basement.

David and Victoria started dating back in 1997 when they met at a Manchester United match. Legend has it that Posh had no interest in football, so she had no idea who David was. Apparently, David was really shy around her (aww) and had to seriously muster up his courage to ask her on a second date. By January 1998, the perfect pair was engaged.

Because they are only unofficially a royal couple, the Beckhams tied the knot in a fairly small castle in Ireland on the 4th of July. All of their guests were asked to dress in black or white (#fashion), and the little family of three moved into a mansion in Hertfordshire, England which now known as “Beckingham Palace.” Obviously.

Now, sixteen years later, David and Victoria are still going strong as ever. You could say their love is even more permanent than a tattoo. Happy wedding anniversary, Posh and Becks! Here’s to 99 more.

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