This male celeb is NOT the new James Bond, but the rumors gave him a good belly laugh

James Bond and David Beckham have a lot in common: They’re both smooth, suave gentlemen. They both steal around with enviable agile. And they both look really good in suits. With so many similarities, it seems pretty obvious: David Beckham should totally take over the role and play the next James Bond. Right?

Rumors of the casting decision were abuzz on Twitter, but unfortunately for us, they were just that—rumors. Beckham sat down with ABC News to clear things up (and break our hearts).

“I saw that the other day and I’ve laughed many times about it,” he said. “Acting’s not something I want to go into, because I think it’s for people that are specialized in that area, and I’m not.”

Okay, fine. You win that one, Becks. But “David Beckham, Movie Star” isn’t that crazy a title — he already has the handsome looks and on-camera experience down. He’s even starring in Outlaws, a short film by British luxury clothing brand Belstaff.

When you put it that way, is there still a chance the soccer star will want to make the career switch and become a full-fledged actor one day? Like, do you think it’s too late to convince Becks to actually consider being the next James Bond? Unfortunately, he nixes the thought.

“I’ve never, ever thought about going into any kind of acting,” he continued. “People have actually started talking about me and my new career of acting, which — it’s not my new career of acting, it’s just something that I’m kind of stepping into and enjoying myself with.”

You win again, Becks. For now, we’ll just have to settle with him behind the camera as a model. Which, hey — no complaints on our end.

(Image via Twitter.)