David Beckham has a new neck tattoo, and it’s surprising but so gorgeous

David Beckham may be the sexiest man alive (like, officially), but beyond his stunningly good looks and athleticism, he’s also hugely known for his extensive body art. He is a HUGE tattoo lover, and we’re always excited when he gets a new one, like the illustration drawn by his daughter Harper, and, of course, the time he rocked a (fake) minion tattoo for his kids. However, his latest tattoo might just be our favorite.

David Beckham’s new neck tattoo is totally glorious.

Wife Victoria posted a photo of the new piece to Instagram, writing, “Amazing artist Mark Mahoney @Shamrocksocialclub@davidbeckham X kisses from Los Angeles VB.”

Yeah, that’s definitely a horse. We’re not sure what the connection is (though the thought of David Beckham’s gorgeous locks blowing as he rides a horse into the distance is a pretty nice image), but we’re into it. After all, it’s a really well done, clean tattoo, and we’re sure he wouldn’t get it done if it wasn’t somehow significant to him. After all, his tattoos tend to be tributes for loved ones.

Like this one he got for Harper.

Literally SO CUTE.

And the lovely one he got for Victoria.

What a sweet tribute for the trendiest Spice Girl.

David Beckham knows his tattoos, and we’re really feeling this one. It’s no wonder he’s the sexiest man alive!

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