David Beckham Garners Applause from Mariah Carey — and It’s Not for His Soccer Skills

The queen of Christmas herself is giving the soccer legend a big thumbs up.

Apparently the phrase ‘bend it like Beckham’ is now applying to the amount the soccer star can stretch his vocal chords. Beckham’ s wife, Spice Girl Victoria, sneakily filmed her hunky hubby singing Mariah Carey’s classic All I Want for Christmas, and posted it on Insta, with the caption “@davidbeckham giving us his best @mariahcarey.”

Beckham, 47, was clearly in the Christmas spirit and just couldn’t help himself, as he stood at the couple’s counter, scrolling his phone and singing along to the festive song playing in the background. He hit a snag however, when it came to the high-note — and opted for a lower octave instead, to which his singer wife jokingly clears her throat and said “you were struggling with that high-note, weren’t you?”

David immediately went into a Justin Timberlake-worthy falsetto and sang “youuuuuuuuu,” vibrato and all. The diva is famous for her multi-octave range so we give Beckham mucho cred for even trying.

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Fans were delighted with the video, which has already amassed more than a million likes. Carey was quick to respond with “My new fave rendition 😂 love you guys! ❤️🎄❤️🎄.” 

Fashion guru Derek Blasberg commented “what can’t he do?,” while Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland wrote “SINGGGGGGG DAVID!”

Other commentators asked for a duet between him and Carey, and said he “could have been a Spice Girl,” and “he got it from his wifey,” while CBS’s Insta page took the opp to shamelessly plug its Dec. 20th Christmas special starring Carey.

It’s unclear whether David plans to launch a retirement career as a singer or join the Spice Girls reunion tour, but we’re sure he’ll sell quite a few albums, if he does!


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