David Beckham let his kids draw his new tattoos, and they’re the sweetest

While the Beckham children might be known for their soccer-star father, body art is where their true talents lie. Clients are going to start queueing up after spotting the latest work from new tattoo artist Harper Beckham. Yes, she’s four years old, and yes, she just drew a stick figure on David Beckham’s palm, but it’s so completely adorable that I think we’d all like to have a piece of Harper’s art on our skin.

Yesterday, poppa Beckham posted a photo to Instagram that unveiled the adorable little illustration, and I really think it might be the new it-style.

Becks captioned it: “Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy.” Apparently she’s got a knack for it, too. This isn’t the first time Harper has used her dad as a canvas. Four months ago she also gave him a charming stick-on Minion tattoo.

But now Harper’s given him a permanent work of art. And Harper’s not the only tattoo artist in the family. Becks also posted this pic to Instagram yesterday featuring a new tattoo written by his sons. “The boys expressing how they feel about daddy,” he writes in the caption.

Awww. ALL THE FEELINGS. We love how Dad Beckham is honoring his kids (and their artistic abilities).

I think there’s just one question left: how can we book our appointments with the Beckham inkmasters?

(Image via Instagram)

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