Daily feels: David Beckham teaching his kid to ride a bike

Remember when you learned how to ride a bike and you had mom, dad, grandma or someone else you really loved right there with you? You were like, “training wheels were working fine, guys, what’s the big deal?” and then suddenly you were like, “OH, I GET IT.” And for a brief moment, just before you almost crashed, you felt like you could conquer the world. There is nothing like that first moment you learn to balance without training wheels and realize your own capabilities. Knowing that your adult-human-bestie has your back—and is there to catch you if you fall—makes the whole thing even better.

So let’s take a moment to live vicariously through little Harper Beckham, who is currently learning how to ride a bike with the help of her dad, David Beckham. Over the weekend, Beckham shared all the glory with us on Instagram.

The feels alert is HIGH. Look at that adorable little bike, complete with streamers! Look at Harper’s big giant helmet for safety! Look at the way Beckham is gently pushing her, yet still clearly holding on in case she takes a tumble into the grass! I, for one, do not have an awesome bike like that, nor has Beckham ever gingerly pushed me while riding a bike. Double whammy, so little Harper is the coolest in my eyes today.

Beckham captioned the picture, “Look at my big girl. Day One – No stabilizers.” There’s no sign of a day two bike ride on his Instagram yet, but we’ll be watching to cheer on Harper, too. Ride on, girl!

And in case Harper needs a little extra motivation, here’s the best how-to-ride-a-bike pep talk anyone has ever given:

That video STILL makes us feel happy of ourselves.

Image via here.

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