It’s official: David Beckham is a ‘Frozen’ fan-dad

From now on, we’ve got permission to ask David Beckham is if he wants to build a snowman. As of right now, this very moment, for the first time in forever, Beckham is wearing his Frozen love loud and proud. On a recent visit to Disneyland, he jumped into a picture with his daughter’s favorite princesses, Anna and Elsa.

If for some reason, your heart was cold and made of ice, it has now thawed out.

The Beckhams spent Monday hanging out at Disneyland, and no visit to Disneyland is complete without meeting the princesses. Especially Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Arendelle. Beckham has mentioned before that his daughter, Harper, LOVES Frozen (and we actually really love Harper. AND Frozen). But the picture Beckham posted to Instagram isn’t a shot of his little princess hanging out with two cartoon princesses. The picture he posted is one of HIM chilling out with them (the chilly pun was intended).

Sounds like the Beckhams got all the way up to the front of the line, and after Harper gave warm hugs to both Anna and Elsa, she asked her dad to get in, too. We’re so thankful she did. Beckham jokes that he “became an even better daddy,” but we already think he’s one of the best. Not every dad is willing to jump in for a picture like this. Do you think he’s trying to channel Kristoff or Olaf? Don’t even THINK about suggesting that he could be Hans.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, we should mention that the Beckham family isn’t exclusively team Frozen. In another Instagram post, we find evidence that dad and son, Cruz, have a sweet spot for Toy Story.

Guess someone got beaten on the Toy Story Midway Mania game. Hey, DB can’t be the champ at everything.

(Image via Instagram)