David Beckham dressed up as Queen’s Freddie Mercury. You are welcome.

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time hanging out on David Beckham’s instagram account. I mean, what’s not to love? There are pics of Victoria Beckham being gorgeous. David Beckham sitting next to the QUEEN OF ENGLAND like it’s no big deal. Sweet shots of him and his kids that make our hearts all goopy. Basically? David Beckham’s Instagram account is our happy place.

And most recently, Beckham posted an amazing pic to Instagram that has only made us love him more. Beckham, being the fun loving guy he is, dressed up like Queen’s Freddie Mercury with a couple of his friends. Beckham even refers to Mercury as “King Freddie,” something that is both respectful and adorable. We’re guessing that Mercury — who passed way too young from AIDS complications — would  have appreciated the tribute.  Along with a couple of pals, Beckham is certainly getting us in the Halloween spirit early this year.

Beckham is currently on a worldwide trip that has landed him in Dubai for the launch of Adidas’ new store. The pro soccer player has also recently been in New York (where he met Malala Yousafzai) and London, where he presented an award to a young teenage girl with a rare skin disorder. Beckham could not get any better, y’all.

Though he seems to be having a great trip, Beckham commented that he cannot wait to be home with his family, and who can blame him? I would also be rushing him into the arms of Victoria Beckham

Also, let’s just stare at this photo of Beckham enjoying the pool and sunshine. You live your best life, David Beckham.

All images via Instagram.

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