This photo of David Beckham embracing his little girl is making us melt

Well, this is the cutest thing to happen to our Monday so far. While dining out at a restaurant over the weekend with his family, David Beckham gave his daughter a big hug, and his son Brooklyn captured the sweet moment for Instagram.

David took a break from eating to embrace five-year-old Harper, who clearly needed some lovin’ from her dad. As for Brooklyn, he clearly has an eye for photography, which is nothing new — he’s always shown an interest in the art. In fact, his Instagram profile image is a picture of him holding a camera. But it’s sweet to see pictures of his family being adorable from his own perspective.

He captioned the photo with two hearts, and sent it off to his 9.2 million followers.

The father/daughter duo are almost too cute for words.

David reportedly had a bit of a rough week after emails were leaked where he supposedly expressed his upset over being snubbed for a knighthood. This, of course, is all based on rumors, but his team did reach out with a comment about the ordeal.

"This story is based on outdated material taken out of context from hacked and doctored private emails from a third party server and gives a deliberately inaccurate picture," a spokesperson for David Beckham told

Whether any of the story is true or not really doesn’t matter. What matters most is that David and his family are all so loving and sweet with each other. And sometimes dads need hugs just as much as daughters, and Harper was definitely there to give her dad as much love as he needed.

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