David Beckham is the Sexiest Man Alive, but he’s also still a totally embarrassing dad

When we think of David Beckham, we see many sides to the man: Sexiest Man Alive, footballer, celebrity, future husband (in an alternate universe, of course). What we tend to forget is that David Beckham is also a totally embarrassing dad, and we use “embarrassing” here as the highest of dad compliments.

Beckham totally called out his 16-year-old son Brooklyn on Friday in one of the most public of all platforms, Instagram. Brooklyn uploaded a very artsy/moody black and white picture of himself with the caption: “Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren.” The picture was promptly liked by over 290,000 followers, so we imagine Brooklyn was feeling pretty validated re: both his fashion and filter choices.

However, Brooklyn’s bubble was soon burst when his father commented: “That’s my jumper.” This comment was quickly noticed by fans, who have taken to commenting more on Beckham’s comment than Brooklyn’s picture! There are about 2k and counting comments on this particular Insta, and a lot of them are just fans repeating Dad Beckham’s hilarious refrain. This isn’t the first time this year that Brooklyn’s been teased by his dad. In fact, the duo have a history of razzing one another. Back in April, Brooklyn took to Instagram with a video celebrating his 1 million followers– only to have his father interrupt him in the middle of filming! “I just reached 1 million followers,” Brooklyn exclaimed, to which his dad interrupted, “I’ve got 52 million.” No wonder Brooklyn added the hashtag “#ismydadcoolerthanme.”

We have to say, we think the Beckham men’s relationship with one another is one of the coolest — and sweetest — things about either of them!

(Images via Instagram)

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