We’re melting over David Beckham’s tribute(s) to his daughter

OK, so we all know that heartthrob David Beckham is seriously the best dad EVER. Like, there was the time when he let his daughter Harper pick out his new “tattoo” (OK, so it wasn’t a real tattoo. It was temporary tattoo of a Minion. . . super adorable). Oh, and of course, when David reminded his son, Brooklyn, that he has more Instagram followers than him, lawlz. And we can’t forget about the time when he taught Harper to ride a bike. . . so much cuteness. Though David might have been a superb soccer player, we think he was born to be a dad, too. Well now, be prepared to be hit in the feels once again.

David took to Instagram not once, but twice today to post tributes to his sweet little Harper on her fourth birthday. First, he posted the most lovely picture of David holding her as a newborn. “Possibly my favourite picture of Harper of all time,” he wrote in the caption. “4 beautiful years with the most amazing little girl. . . Happy birthday big girl.” Yep, direct blow to the feels.

But that’s not all, because hey, it’s the Beckhams we’re talking about.

It looks like Harper had a fabulous b-day party complete with super adorable polka-dotted party hats, because David posted a picture of the two of them sporting said hats (as well as Harper’s babydoll — d’aw). “Sweet dreams my little 4 year old,” he wrote. “I think Harper Seven has had a fun packed day with her little friends. . . Good night little lady.”

Please, Beckham family. You gotta stop being so adorable. There’s only so much our emotions can take. We can’t believe it’s been a full four years since Harper was born! Oh, how time flies. Happy birthday Harper, and we hope you had the BEST day — though it looks like your daddy made sure you did!

(Images via Instagram)

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