David and Victoria Beckham gushed over their son Brooklyn for his 18th birthday

Brooklyn Beckham, son of the talented Victoria and David Beckham, turned 18 yesterday! And, in typical parent fashion, the Beckhams are gloating about their little boy growing into adulthood. Awwww, how sweet!

Of course, we seriously can’t believe we’ve been watching this lovely family for almost two decades! Posh and Becks have really stood the test of time, and all the added stress the spotlight can add, and it’s so wonderful to see their kids becoming adults before our eyes!

Turning 18 is a big deal and Brooklyn’s parents made sure that everyone knew that!

Victoria started off with a slideshow dedicated to her son and made sure to include the most adorable pictures.

Looks like someone wanted to be just like his dad when he grew up! Speaking of, David Beckham had to get in on the celebration as well.

He’s still just as proud to be Brooklyn’s father!

And, Brooklyn might even have a beard like his good ol’ dad someday soon!

Beckham couldn’t resist posting one more time either!

Birthday cake…



…and booze! Don’t worry, he’s of legal drinking age across the pond. What better way could you possibly celebrate?

The up-and-coming model, photographer, and socialite will no doubt make this first year of adulthood one to remember. With a family who adores him by his side, and the know how passed down from his parents, Brooklyn undoubtedly has reason to celebrate.

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