Dave Chappelle’s election night sketch on ‘SNL’ was the most hilarious version of the most stressful night

When we found out that Dave Chappelle was hosting Saturday Night Live after the election, we were automatically sold. In an election where racial tension (hell, all kinds of tension) were undeniable, defining factors, who better to bless us with astute and hysterical comedic commentary after the election — no matter who won — than Dave Chappelle, a comedian who mastered making us laugh about the most fraught aspects of race in America? He was the perfect pick for SNL host this particular week (although, honestly, people have wanted Dave Chappelle to come back to comedy since he dipped out a few years back, so we would’ve taken him anytime).

While the entire show was stacked wall-to-wall with A+ performances from the veteran comedian, when Chris Rock joined Chappelle’s election night sketch, actual magic happened:


If nothing else, it’s weirdly reassuring to know that, no matter what we’ve lost, we still have Dave Chappelle and his singular ability to infuse explosive laughter into issues that have about 1,000 layers of complexity. Like, let’s be honest: Watching Trump get elected president was seriously shocking to so many people in America, and one huge source of that shock was a total underestimation of just how many racist people there are in this country. That fact was maybe…not so surprising to a lot of people of color as they watched Trump get elected. And that’s just one of about a dozen little truths Chappelle and Rock slid into this sketch — it was flawless.

Here’s hoping we get a lot more of both of these guys in the years to come. We’ll need them.

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