Dave Chappelle’s ‘Walking Dead’ sketch on ‘SNL’ brought back all the iconic ‘Chappelle’s Show’ characters — and then killed one

OK, when we found out Dave Chappelle was hosting Saturday Night Live after the election, we’re not saying we were expecting him to do Chappelle’s Show characters, but — we’ll admit — we were at least hoping we might get a taste of some of our old-school faves. And maybe he was just taking pity on an exhausted and largely sad nation right now, but for some reason, Chappelle brought back so many Chappelle’s Show characters on SNL last night. And of course, it was in the most surprising and brilliant way. Specifically, he brought back classic Chappelle characters in a Walking Dead sketch…and then he killed one of them.

It. was. AMAZING.

Seriously, how much did you miss these guys?! We saw Silky Johnston and Beautiful from “Player Haters’ Ball” (“hate hate hate hate hate!”); Lil Jon; Tyrone Biggums; Clayton Bigsby, the blind black white supremacist (who naturally has a “Make America Great Again Hat”); the stereotypical white dude, who maybe has a name? Anyway, they were all there and it looked like Chappelle hadn’t missed a single day of playing them — it was literally like watching the greatest mash-up of Chappelle’s Show sketches.


Doesn’t it seem like this should someone be what Walking Dead is really like? Hey, we wouldn’t complain!

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