Dave Chappelle singing “Creep” at the ‘SNL’ after party is the best thing that’s happened all week

We’ve stopped expecting too many beautiful things to happen in the world this week, so Dave Chappelle singing “Creep” by Radiohead at the SNL after party seems almost like too much of a perfect gift to believe, but alas, it happened. And what’s more, it happened with our favorite human on the planet, Leslie Jones.

Like, we’ve always wanted to go to a live taping of Saturday Night Liveand even more than that, wanted to be invited to the after party of the taping, which are completely legendary, but beyond all the celebrity sightings and boozy good times, we never believed that something as supremely magical as Dave Chappelle singing Radiohead could possibly happen. But it did. We might be living in dark and stressful times, but this video is total proof that beauty and perfection still exist in this world, and we are not at all sad about it. Behold:


We need a new word for FOMO because this is way beyond any level of jealousy we’ve ever felt before. But also, hey, thanks to Dave Chappelle and Leslie Jones for reminding us that Radiohead is the greatest thing ever. *puts on headphones*

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