Dave Chappelle has TWO specials coming to Netflix in March, so clear your calendars for binge-watching now

Netflix, you’ve made our dreams come true yet again!

After breathing life back into so many of our shows — Arrested Development, Full House, Gilmore Girls— the powerhouse streaming service is reviving yet another one of our favorites with the Netflix royal treatment.

And this time, it’s Dave Chappelle coming in hot with not one, not two, but three Netflix specials — two of which are dropping this month!

Now everybody, make note: Clear your calendars on March 21 for a full day of uninterrupted, I’m-only-getting-off-the-couch-for pizza style binge watching. Because on that now-hallowed day, the comedian’s Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin and Dave Chappelle: Deep In the Heart of Texas will pop into Netflix feeds like two phoenixes rising from the ashes. (Too dramatic? WE. THINK. NOT.)

The two specials — filmed at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and Austin City Limits in Texas, respectively — are the veteran comedian’s first major television projects since his classic Chappelle’s Show aired its final episode in 2006.

In combination with the third stand-up performance (which does not yet have a release date), Mr. Chappelle will reportedly rake in a cool $60 million for the installments. But hey, when you’re the Dave Chappelle, you get to charge top dollar!

Now that we know Dave’s post-election Saturday Night Live appearance is probably just a taste of the poignant comedic genius to come, we cannot wait to binge watch these.

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